DIY Easter Tree

3 Apr



DIY Easter tree

My first blog, so bare with me while I get use to this new edition to social networking. 

Today I finished creating my Easter tree that is decorated with my handmade creations. All you need to create your own is :-
1x Jar
4x Packs of Mini Eggs (try not to eat them)
1x Branches
And decorate to your hearts content. 

To create some quick and cheap decorations, simply make some salt dough and use some easter themed cookie cutters, and remember to make a hole in the decorations so you can thread the ribbon through. 

Salt Dough:-
1 cup of plain flour
1 cup of salt
1 cup of water, added in small amounts.

Such a simple and cheap way to decorate your home this easter, even a great way to impress family and friends by using it as a table decoration.


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